We decided to take a "Duck Boat tour" yesterday. Obviously Chelle and I know a lot about the city but we thought the kids might get a kick out of it.

With changes in recent years, the amphibious craft mostly drives around city streets, moreso than going around the river. The water content of the tour was not much.

Our little tour was extended a bit because .. well, if you think about it, a duck boat is likely to make pretty wide turns, right? Some nearby driver did not take this into account and lost his driver side mirror trying to sneak past.

Yeah, our duck boat was in a collision.

The kids took it surprisingly well.


We watched The Time Traveller's Wife. This movie was excellent; we both thought so. (However, Mom I don't think you would enjoy it.)

There is a small snake living in the vicinity of our back yard. (I observed it fleeing when mowing the lawn.) Just don't tell my three year old daughter.

lost... again...

I am looking among my storage for some more Transformers, in this case the "Robots in Disguise" series train "brothers" and Obsidian. I know where they were formerly stored before I rearranged one of the rooms in my house. I might have sold Obsidian, but I know for a fact I didn't sell the train brothers, so I should be able to find them, at least.

Maybe if I complain about it here, they will turn up. Worked last time, right?

(I want to use RiD Obsidian's propellers for Universe Obsidian, one of whom I got in an eBay lot with no such parts. The color won't match, but the Universe one still looks far better.)


It is not a good day so far.

Colin ended his 7-day good behavior streak at school yesterday. For no particular known reason he was back to his old bad behavior. It continued this morning. I was so enjoying it.

After starting my bike ride to work, as I was getting to the bottom of the first hill, one of the brake cables snapped. I didn't feel safe doing the rest of today in that condition, so I walked up the hill and switched bikes. I will probably replace the cable this afternoon. At least the other bike is still in good shape (though I needed to pump up the tires a bit).

I'm just in such a freaking bad mood, and I wish I knew more why (I don't think it's entirely from Colin).


Lately we are playing a bit of

Chelle and I have both finished the main adventure line of the game (she has played a lot more than I have). Now all that is left on which to compete is the endless survival mode. I was standing on my laurels at 17 flags completed when she got 19. The gumption! So I just got 21. Woo!


My semi-new-to-me culinary delight is the chocolate flavors from They have a white chocolate peanut butter and a dark chocolate peanut butter. Years ago I was a big fan of white chocolate, but have since become a staunch supporter primarily of dark chocolate. However, in this case, I think I like both flavors of PB equally. This stuff is available at Wal-Mart stores too, so it's easy enough to get.